10 Must Have Car Parts to Make Your Classic Car Safer

classic muscle car parts must have

If you drive a classic car, you know how exciting the hobby can be. There is something wonderful and exciting about roaring down the highway in a car that was built before you were born. But while classic cars are highly collectible, they are not always the safest vehicles on the road. The right car parts and safety accessories can help you stay protected no matter what or where you drive. Here are 10 classic car parts that should be part of your emergency road kit.

1. Fire Extinguisher

Afire extinguisher is one car part that every driver needs to have. Most car fires are either electrical or chemical in nature, so choose a small portable fire extinguisher designed for that type of emergency. Check the label on the fire extinguisher before you buy it, and verify that it is fully charged before each drive.

2. Electrical Tape

People often 9y that duct tape can fix almost anything but it is no substitute for electrical tape. The wiring in your vintage car or truck is likely decades old, and the failure of a single wire could mean a premature end to your trip. Keeping electrical tape in your emergency kit allows you to fix those frayed wires and make it back home.

3. Cleaning Rags

Cleaning rags will make those emergency repairs by the side of the road easier and allow you to keep your vintage car clean and tidy. Keep a supply of cleaning cloths or rags in your trunk or emergency kit.

4. Gloves

You will want a good pair of gloves in your emergency kit to keep your hands clean should an emergency repair be required. Surgical gloves are perfect for this purpose; they are cheap to buy, thin enough to make delicate repairs easier, and effective at keeping your hands clean.

5. Plastic Bags

Don't throw those old grocery bags away just yet. Keep a supply of these plastic bags in your emergency kit and use them to dispose of soiled rags, used gloves, and other items that could soil the interior of your beloved vintage car.

6. Toolkit

A quality set of tools is an essential part of any automotive emergency kit. Make sure you have a set of screwdrivers with various heads, along with a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench for making those emergency re pairs. If your vintage automobile uses hex bolts or metric measurements, be sure your tool kit is stocked with the appropriate sizes

7. Basic Spare Parts

Driving a vintage automobile is fun, and part of the excitement is knowing that the vehicle has survived decades of use. That also means that many of the parts on your car or truck are quite old, so be prepared with a few spares. Carrying parts that are likely to break, such as hoses and fuses, is always a smart move.

8. Automotive Fluids

Nothing is more frustrating than being stranded by the side of the road because you ran low on oil or transmission fluid. Keep a supply of basic automotive fluids, including engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant, in your trunk or emergency kit.

9. Spare Blanket

When you buy a new blanket for the bed, move the old one to your car trunk. That blanket will make emergency repairs easier by giving you a comfortable place to kneel or lie down.

10. Phone Charger

lf you do suffer an unexpected breakdown, having a spare charger will make getting help a lot easier. Carry a charger in your emergency kit or store it in the glove box. Whether you drive your classic car every day or just take it to shows a couple of times a year, safety is important. The 10 safety additions listed above can keep you and your passengers Rife while still retaining the original good looks of the car you love.

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