5 Best Octane Booster for Your Cars Fuel Economy and Health!

best octane boosters for your car

Finding the Best octane booster for your car shouldn't be a hassle and we're hear to simplify the process for you. We've rounded up the top 5 octane boosters for enhancing your vehicle and giving it the proper efficiency and performance it deserves.

Octane boosters are not spoken of very often, maybe due to their performance and price point, but we're hear to debunk any of myths that you may have heard about them.

They're not necessarily for everyone, but they could help you out a lot in the right circumstances.

They contain premium additives that increases the level of octane in your vehicle, which helps your vehicle run better and drive at higher performance levels.

Some car owners use it to boost the performance of their vehicles due to aftermarket upgrades and increase the efficiency of their engines.

Whats the actual point of these additives? To raise the octane levels, as the name implies, but why does that matter? Every time you put fuel in your vehicle, a certain gas has a octane level attached to it. So – “regular” or better known as unleaded gas has an octane level of 89. Premium gas has octane level of 92.

These octane boosters raise that number to create a cleaner burning fuel as the higher the number in the octane levels, the cleaner the fuel burns.

pro and cons

Here are some of the main reasons you would use this in your vehicle:


  • Octane boosters give your engine a higher grade of fuel by mixing in additives that aren't regularly supplied at the gas pump, unless you are buying premium level fuels already.
  • The product not only increases the fuel level your vehicle is consuming but also burns at a cleaner level than normal to further the life of your engine.
  • Octane boosters are known for a lot of good attributes regarding clean burning fuel like we just mentioned above but the thing many critics forget to mention is the level of emissions it tends to free up.
  • Increase in horsepower is proven when octane boosters are cycling through a vehicle.
  • Octane boosters are safe for ALL engines.
  • Increase in MPG.


  • The current price of Octane boosters is LOW, but we've seen in the past that prices fluctuate a bit depending on fuel prices as well. We recommend you stock up and buy in bulk to ensure your not getting price gouged if prices do go up.
  • Various products in this following article will recommend the use octane boosters for certain vehicles due to the products high level of fuel grade for maximum strength among high powered engines.

Here's a list of the Top 5 Octane Boosters on the Market for your Car

RankOctane BoostersPicturesRating / Best Price
5104 + 10406 Octane BoostCLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE

1. Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer

Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster

Royal Purple is quite popular among high powered vehicles as well as very well known companies and high end shops and auto shops. Royal Purple Max Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer is an additive for most gas powered vehicles.

It is extremely popular for its well known cleaning process that happens under the hood. Not only does the booster seek to clean injectors, but also prevents certain seals to fail. Royal Purple Max Boost concentrates on treating mpg and fuel emissions improvements. Royal Purple is great for all gas powered vehicles and can be used among that have higher output horsepower.


2. Torco Accelerator

Torco Accelerator (32oz)

The Torco Accelerator was recommend one of the best octane boosters of 2016 because of its high fuel level addition to regular fuel that we all put in our vehicles. The Torco booster is based around race fuel concentrate, this means the fuel additive burns at a higher level and cleaner level.

The Torco Accelerator can bring your vehicles octane level up to 105. The Torco Accelerator not only raises the octane level but also shows a level of hp increase which in other words makes not only the max amount power to put to wheels but also a more fuel efficient lifestyle through out the cars future.

3. Klotz Octane Booster

Klotz Octane Booster

The Klotz Octane booster increases pump gas up to 10 numbers along with a very high level moisture cancellation among every day full consumption. Every time fuel is inserted into your vehicle a certain amount of moisture's attaches to that fuel, this over time causes fuel to be less efficient and useful.

This octane booster is popular for those that want to there engines have a long life ahead as it is a very healthy injector and carburetor cleaner.  The Klotz Octane booster is very good at keeping the fuel flame at a safe and efficient level. This octane booster was created to ensure the vehicle owner that used this product clean fuel consumption for future uses.


4. Lucas 10026 Oil/Fuel Octane Boost

Lucas 10026 Fuel Octane Boost

Lucas 10026 formula has been popular for those that have turbo or high output engines considering it has been tested for almost every engine out there. This product is great for either Fuel Injected cars as well as Carbureted vehicles. Not only can Lucas be used on new and up to date cars, but also old ones that may not have a large engine or may be struggling because of wear and tear.

Lucas has been promoting a fuel burn cycle ever since it hit the market. Not only does the cleaner fuel help with MPG, but also with Emissions. This product is immensely popular to those that want to improve there engines health for a new or older vehicle considering the fact that many new products today are only assumed to be used on Newer Cars only.


5. 104 + 10406 Octane Boost

104 + 10406 Octane Boost

The Octane booster 104 + 10406 is by far one of the safest octane boosters to use for any engine type. 104 + 10406  theoretically increases gas mileage among any vehicles once poured into fuel. This octane booster is very common to those whole want to avoid any sort of engine knocks, pings or hesitation of any sort.

It is recommended that 104 + 10406 is to be put into your gas tank after every oil change to ensure the products reliability.


So which Octane Booster is Our Pick?

The BEST Octane Booster for your Car is based upon multiple attributes discussed above for gas related vehicles.

ROYAL PURPLE MAX BOOST is rated number 1 for reasons like fuel MPG and safety among engine wear. As the other octane boosters are extremely reliable and useful, the Max Boost has proven to be the best overall octane booster. For under $14 the Royal Purple Max Boost is by far your best bet to ensure a safe engine and high levels of mpg out of your vehicle.

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