Best Radar Detectors to help you avoid Speeding Tickets

Best Police Radar for avoiding Tickets

Radar detectors have gotten a lot better over the years, and there are many options to choose from when considering the best detector on the market.

The right choice for your vehicle will depend on a few factors, and we're here to help you choose the Best Radar Detectors one by exploring these requirements:

  • Which is the Cheapest or most Affordable radar?
  • Which one has the detection systems?
  • Which radar is the Easiest to use and most user friendly?

After a lot of research, we've put together a list of the best options. Any of these are going to be great picks, so find one that fits your budget and don't worry about it anymore – we've done the heavy lifting and now it's time for you to reap the rewards.

The following information includes the Cream of the Crop devices including a few affordable (read: CHEAP!) ones that are also extremely useful and totally adequate. Radars such as the Valentine One, the Passport 9500ix, the Escort Redline, and a few other popular choices will all be compared and reviewed by our automotive specialists.

To begin, let's look at the most most popular devices and why they are so popular.

Here's the Top Radar Detector of 2019:

RankBest Radar DetectorsPicturesRating / Best Price

1. Valentine One

Valentine 1

The Valentine One, is a simple looking yet extremely effective radar. The range (sorted by many reviews) is extremely high and very helpful for hidden speed traps. It is easy to read and has front and rear radar detection which is rarity among the pack.

The Valentine One has been on the market for a very long time and has proven itself multiple times as it is rated very high from various reviews over and over again, including Amazon, Auto-zone and other top online retailers.

The downside, it does sound off false alarms quite often considering how well the frequency is.

This tends to happen with devices that are not programmed with GPS. But when the biggest downside of a product is that it works TOO well, it's hard to complain.

2. Passport 9500ix


The Passport 9500ix, a very unique and slim looking radar, easy to control, and very helpful as it has a built-in false alarm unit (radar GPS) that learns specific routes that are high in speed traps to avoid false alarms.

Unfortunately, it does not have a rear radar to detect any lasers behind your vehicle. The Passport 95000ix is also rated very high from well known critics. It is so popular because of its user friendly design intense GPS system.


3. Escort Max 360


The Escort Max 360 is the ultimate package. It has absolutely everything you need including, Bluetooth, Range Arrows, High Intensity towards traps and also a very accessible system to any new user.

Since it is a new product on the market, there are a few flaws with it. Fortunately for the creators of the Max 360, they are still sorting out some bugs that have been coming up for discussion, but nonetheless, its a GREAT product.

To provide the best outcome for this device, there are updated versions of the devices software constantly coming out, which in turn could provide a good future for this radar detector.

Price Range: $650~


4. Escort Redline


The Escort Redline, following its big brother (Max 360) is mainly dedicated for range purposes. It is a very simple and go-to device yet reliable enough to get the job done.

Although select few states permit these radars, this specific one is not deemed illegal.

If you are looking for something that has extreme strength with signal, this is the radar for you.

Price Range $550~


5. Radenso Pro Se

Radenso Pro Se

The Radenso Pro Se is a unique device considering the fact that the consumers of this product have a large say on how the product functions.

So what does that mean for you?

It means this particular radar continues to get better and better with time because the creators of the device are taking note on what their customers want with the product.

Not only does it have an incredible range like the Escort Redline, but it also includes a GPS chip, so false alerts are learned and not noticed again.

If you're looking for some more affordable, here are some great choices.

They're not as good as the higher-end ones, but for the price – they'll definitely get the job done for ya.


Cheap/Budget Radars ($150-$250 Price Range)

Mutliptle Radars

Now it's time for the affordable $150-$250 range radar group that still perform amazing for what they cost!

1. Uniden LRD 950

Uniden LRD950

The Uniden LRD 950 is a well rounded device as it holds GPS tracking, as well as a good range detection.

This device not only allows you to track false radars, but also warns you of any large distant traps.

The Uniden LRD has multiple functions such as a the “MUTE” and “MARK” options that help you navigate around town without noise distractions.

Price Range $200~


2. Whistler CR90


The Whistler CR90 has a low false alarm software along with a desired sound alert during any detection's. The Whistler is desired among most small time radar users, as it only alerts the driver when true detection is noticed.

If you are looking for a radar that deems radar use only, this is the one for you. There are no special buttons or any following connections for the Whistler CR90, it is just and simple and slim radar detector!

Price Range $150~

Which one best suits YOU?

There are so many choices between each of these units and yet you still might be confused on which one is really for you. Let’s compare each one and see which one YOU need.

The following graph shows a chart of what each radar specializes in, it does not necessarily mean the radar does not have a certain function, but better said, which radars perform each function best.


                                                  Range         F&R Detection                       GPS     Bluetooth

Valentine One                     X                       X

Passport 9500ix                                                                                                                    X

Escort Max 360                   X                       X                                                X                  X

Escort Redline                     X

Radenso Pro Se                   X                                                                                                X

Uniden LRD 950                 X                                                                                                X

Whistler CR90                                                                                                                        X


What about PRICES? As you may have already seen, the prices of the radars are pretty scattered, so let's look at a graph with the price comparisons.

$100 – $250            $300 – $450            $500 – $650

                                Whistler CR90                      Passport 9500ix                       Escort Max 360

                                Uniden LRD950                                                                            Escort Redline

                                                                                                                                             Radenso Pro Se

                                                                                                                                             Valentine One

Save Money

Overall the BEST RADAR OF 2019 is solely based upon statistics and how much you would like to pay out for one.

We've chosen the Passport 9500ix as the overall top pick considering the fact it has ALL the options you need as an everyday driver, and the price is averaged out between all the radars.

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