Top Windshield Wipers for Your Car for Rain, Snow, Hail & Ice!

Winter Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers today are a must, but does it actually matter what kind you buy?

We're here to review the BEST windshield wipers of the year and provide you with information on why it is so important to have the correct wipers for your car.

Depending where you live, your windshield wipers may be used very often or quite frankly, Not at All. That's ok! The weather today constantly is changing and it is always better to be prepared before any sort of crazy weather hits.

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, most wiper brands make universal types of blades to fit all cars. It is important to check the make and model of your car before buying any wiper blades you find at the store.

Today, all stores carry different types of wiper blades but it is important to get the right ones for your car.

How do you do that? See below for our Windshield Wiper reviews!

Do Windshield Wipers Really Make a Difference?

Dirty Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers last about 6-12 months depending on the quality of the blade. Over time windshield wipers tend to get bumpy and lose their integrity because of heavy weather conditions.

This is prone to happen to ALL wiper blades, but is it possible to prevent it happening sooner than later?

Yes! By choosing the correct wipers, you wont have to change your wipers every 6-12 months, but rather ever 12-18 months!

Every windshield wiper is made out of certain type of rubber. Some rubbers are stronger than others, some last longer, and some are softer to carry more debris.

Depending what kind of weather you will be traveling through, most high end wipers will be able to with stand almost all conditions.

Best Windshield Wipers for your Vehicle (Updated for 2021):

RankBest Windshield WipersPicturesRating / Best Price
1Rain-X 5079280-2 Latitude CLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE
3Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid CLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE
4Aero All Season Frame-lessCLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE
5Trico 25-240 Force High BeamCLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE

1. Rain-X 5079280-2 Latitude


Rain-X Latitude wipers have an advance technology that gives the driver an extremely clean windshield during the roughest driving conditions. Rain-X Latitude wipers are made from a unique beam type structure that gives them a very flexible altitude for the windshield.

Rain-X is a very well known weather-tech company that produce outgoing products for outrageous weather conditions. Now that the 5079280-2 wipers have hit the market, the results are very impressive as they are rated very high among stores such as

Each Rain-X Latitude wiper are easy to install, as Rain-X has designed a unique and fast way to connect the wipers to your vehicle. Not only are they easy to install, but they also have a sleek design that reduces any chattering on your windshield. The design of the wiper also makes a minimum squeak sound when the wipers are kept running during abnormal weather. Each wiper are averagely priced among competitors as well!

2. Bosch 26A


The Bosch 26A windshield wipers are very popular for those with high end vehicles that require specific size specifications; Bosch has individual sized wipers that can fit those with custom windshields. Although the Bosch 26A's are unique for certain makes and models, they can be used for almost all types of cars and trucks.

Bosch has made this wiper to last much longer than the other competitors products. How? Because of their new FX dual wiper production, the Bosch 26A has an advantage over many other wiper brands. With the beamed designed wiper blade, the Bosch 26A is also very applicable to almost any weather type.

Bosch is not only known for there windshield wipers, but also many other vehicle specifics, such as headlights, taillights and other well known parts for vehicles. Bosch has made a name for itself like its competitors to be a trusted company.

3. Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid


The Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid wipers are made in a very sleek design to carry all sorts of weather related substances such as snow and ice. These wipers have been tested along with competitors products and have held up very well. The Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid wipers have a quick connect which works for almost all applicable vehicles.

With Michelin's durability, the 8026 Stealth Hybrid wiper has a very independent feel for the windshield which helps the wiper to free flow on the glass. This also helps with noise reduction and any sort of bumpy movement.

The Stealth Hybrid wipers are a great buy if you are looking for a set of long lasting windshield wipers! As said before, these specific wipers have a very intelligent design that keep them working for a VERY long time!

4. Aero All Season Frame-less


The Aero All Season Frame-less windshield wipers have a well built design that keeps the chattering of the old style wipers away. This design slides freely and smoothly on the your cars windshield liked mentioned before with the other wiper blades. The Aero All Seasons are not only for the heavy weather, but can also be used for light rain and other light weather conditions.

The Aero All Seasons are mainly known for there popularity among those who are looking for that OEM feel and look. These wipers are offered at almost every store around town, but can bought at the lowest price from places we will mention below.

These blades are so well reviewed that they are compared to the top of the line wiper blades on the market today. Overall the Aero All Season's are a very well used product for every season, and for the affordable price, are extremely worth it.

5. Trico 25-240 Force High Beam


The Trico 25-240 Force High Beam wipers are recommended as a better than OEM replacement. The reason being, is because the Trico wipers are made from a soft but strong rubber that is wind resistant. These wipers can also be used all season-round as they have the stability for long lasting wear and tear.

The Trico Force High Beams have a new way to connect to your cars OEM wiper arms. This helps during install in case of nasty weather conditions that are constantly changing.

Trico has made these wipers to be user friendly as they have a guide on how to install, and which ones you will need for your vehicle. The company has been upgrading there products constantly to provide the best product for you and your vehicle in 2017.

6. PIAA 97055 Si Tech Silicone


PIAA has now come out with the Si Tech Silicone wipers that provide the perfect view for you while driving in horrendous weather conditions. The 97055 Si Tech Silicone wipers have a one of kind rubber that is coated with a water repellent which in turn, gives you more useful products at the price of one.

The Si Tech Silicone's also have a special coating on there wiper blades that prevent them from any sunlight damage, this keeps the wipers looking good as new ALL the time! Not only are they specially coated, but when they are not in use they leave a sort of unique solution on your windshield that keeps it extra clean after all the bad weather has passed!

7. Bosch 19B ICON

Bosch Blade

The Bosch 19B Icon wipers are built specifically with a down force related frame during use so all the unpredictable weather can be wiped away with no problem! Bosch has created these special wipers so in case of any unknown weather to come, you ARE prepared.

The Bosch 19B wipers connect very easily to your wiper arms as they come specifically for your car! There is no need to try to connect a cheap random wiper blade, when the Bosch 19B Icon wipers connect with ease!

Bosch has also made these wipers with a spring like figure inside so the pressure continues all through windshield while the wipers are in motion. This provides the maximum strength for the windshield wipers.

Which Wipers Are The Best For YOU?

Our BEST windshield wiper pick for 2017, are the Rain-X 5079280-2 Latitudes!

These are by far the BEST all around wipers that are on the market today. With there slim formed design, these wipers carry any sort of weather related debris off the windshield with ease. With an affordable price compared to other windshield wiper competition, these wipers have won our BEST pick of 2017.

For the strength and overall action of these wipers, the weather will not stand against the Rain-X Latitudes!

Wiper Blade 2

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