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7 Best Car Wash Soaps for a Streak-Free Finish


porsche car wash

Each car shampoo today is noted as the “best” on the market, but it is time to find out which ones can actually stand up to a serious mess. There are so many different car soaps on the market that some people don't realize that some can actually be UNSAFE for your car.

Each shampoo has a number – this number is either below, equal or above a ph level. The ph level is a scale for the chemicals to remain safe for your cars paint. It is preferred by manufactures to have steady ph level soap to prevent any paint damage. Knowing which soaps are safe, and which ones could cause damage, is only half the battle. After that, you've still got to find the best one. That's what we're here to help with.

All of the following soaps we will review have ‘safe ph levels' and are completely OK to use on any vehicle. Some of the following products may even be scented for that fresh look and smell on your car!

Car Wash

Some shampoo's have a unique spot-less and streak-less additive that help your car maintain that after-wash SHINE.

Each shampoo listed here has a water-to-soap ratio that needs to be followed. It's about finding the correct balance between potency and still being safe for your car. If it's too watered down, it won't be as effective. If it's too strong, you're wasting money and potentially causing damage. Althought all of these soaps are safe, you've still got to use them correctly.

Best Soaps For Washing Your Car In 2019:

RankBest Car Washing SoapPicturesRating / Best Price
1Meguiar’s G7164 Class CLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE
2Adam’s Polishes Car Wash ShampooCLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE
3Mothers 05664 California Gold CLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE
6Barrett-Jackson Car Wash and Wax CLICK HERE FOR BEST PRICE

1. Meguiar’s G7164 Class

Meguiar's Class Shampoo and Conditioner is number 1 because it is extremely safe to use on ALL cars, and is earth friendly due to its biodegradable ingredients.

Gold Glass Shampoo

The Meguiar's formula for the G7164 Class shampoo and conditioner has a SAFE ph level if you might be worried about your vehicles paint. The shampoo not only cleans the dirt and grime on your car but also keeps it classy while the soap conditions the paint.

This soap is rated very high for those looking for a two-in-one package. Meguiars is rated high among car wash soaps and is our top choice, it's a solid product from a well-respected brand.

2. Adam’s Polishes Car Wash Shampoo

The Adam's Polishes Car Wash shampoo has recently hit the market and has been doing an exception job at washing cars. The neutral ph is set at a safe level for any paint type but is still strong enough to deal with sticky, dirty residues.

adams polishes car shampoo

This brand is rated 5/5 in many places, and comes highly recommended by top outlets.

Their latest formula also helps to avoid any swirl or streaks from being left behind.


3. Mothers 05664 California Gold

Mothers California Gold Car Wash Soap is created to keep your car at a shiny state without removing any wax. Over long-term use, this soap begins to shine more and more!

Mothers Car Wash

This product is also safe like the other soaps as it has a well balanced ph level. Water spots stand no chance to this soap as the ingredients in the Mothers Gold have the power to remove almost anything weather-related on your car.


4. Armor All 25464

Armor All is known for its intense cleaning agents that can clean the dirtiest of areas inside and out of your car. This new shampoo has the ability to withstand the darkest debris your car accumulates from the road.

Armor All Wash

The 25464 shampoo is proven TOUGH and SAFE for all paints and clear coats. This product WILL NOT strip any wax or conditioner products you may have put on your vehicle.

The shampoo also is a streak-free and spot-free soap. No need to buff your car after using this product!


5. Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus

This Citrus-based shampoo is very useful for those that want the highest shine, without waxing their vehicles. The Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus shampoo can provide a CLEAN and shiny surface.

Chemical Guys Soap

This product is a different sort of shampoo because it is SCENTED. The ph level in this product is safe and pure for any paint. The foaming level is high and the solution recommends a certain soap-to-water ratio to provide the best shine, so make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle for peak performance.


6. Barrett-Jackson Car Wash and Wax

Barrett-Jackson car wash soap and wax is very popular for its high gloss shine after each wash. This soap is recommend to be used regularly to keep that wax and polish perfect.

Barret Jackson Shampoo

The product is a well mixed solution that has a natural scent and is rated as being safe for all cars. The strong ingredients provide a heavy solution to clean any heavy dirt from your car.

The Barrett-Jackson soap is rated 5/5 stars in many outlets. It is a very good product and ALWAYS mentioned among the top shampoos and conditioners on the market today.


7. TriNova Car Wash Soap

TriNova is best seller on big websites such as It is an awesome product to use if you have a car that needs that ultra special care.

This product is safe for any paint and can be used prior to any wax products. The TriNova soap works best with a foam gun but can also be used safety with a hand mitt.


It is very effective as the company guarantees a clean car after the proper use. The value is also a plus for you as the soap has all the proper notations for soap-to-water ratios to provide the longest lasting product possible.

Not only can this product be used for the body of the car, but also on the wheels, any trim, rubber or glass. It works as a dirt-eater so all that disgusting grime that is on your car can be removed with ease.


8. Meguiar’s G7164

The Meguiar’s G7164 Class is rated number 1 because of its multi-formula ingredients that provide the highest satisfaction amount after the wash. Washing your car has now become easy with this product on the market.

MBZ Car Wash

You no longer have to worry about how dirty your car will get as this product can tackle some of the TOUGHEST conditions. The conditioner included also prevents paint wear that tends to happen over time.

Meguiar's provides a soap-to-water ratio and any other precautions to take when using the soap. It is our 2018 best soap pick because of its safe and clean results.

To see more info on this product, check out your local stores like