Don’t Ever Let Yourself Run Out of Windshield Washer Fluid For This Reason

Ice Window

When that little light comes on telling you that you're almost out of fluid, it's easy to ignore it. It's a nice day, you don't need it, there's not a lot of dust in the air, you won't be doing any highway driving and picking up bugs on the windshield or anything like that, so why stress about your windshield washer fluid? Well, once it runs out, you're putting yourself in serious danger. It might seem trivial, but what good is your window if you can't even see outside of it?

The Importance of Clean Windshield Washer Fluid

Your windshield, even if it's just a bit dirty, can drastically decrease your visibility. Then, if it starts get nasty outisde, you can get streaks, bugs smushed, and just a big mess. Even in the rain, having that actual wiper fluid can make a big difference.

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There are different types of windshield washer fluid, and choosing the right one is also very important. If you're in freezing weather, you need a fluid that can handle the cold. If you're going to be doing a lot of driving on the highway, you'll end up with a lot of nasty bug guts and certain fluids are better at cutting through that.

We really can't emphasize this enough, at the risk of sounding repetative, do you ever see people driving around with filthy windows? And it's not even just the windshield, either. You'll see people who rarely wash their side or read windows, and it's rare for a read window to even have a wiper blade, so unless they go out of their way to wash it, it's going to stay filthy. These people aren't just dangerous to themselves, but to everyone else on the road at all. It's a special kind of laziness, and frankly a disrespect for the road in general.

Safety first

Look, we're not here to preach or be judgey, we're all been in situations where we couldn't see great due to running out of windshield fluid, everyone probabally has at some point, but you gotta learn from those situations, consider yourself lucky, and not get into a similar situation again because you might not be as lucky.

Dirty windows aren't the leading cause of car accidents, but they do cause car accidents. Can you even really call it an accidently when you get into a car knowing you can't see perfectly out the window? Anyways, between having the right wiper blades and the right windshield fluid, it doesn't cost much, it only  takes a couple minutes, and it makes you a lot more safe. Easy choice, right?

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