Why Girls Like Guys That Drive Fast Cars

Why Girls Like Guys That Drive Fast Cars

Americans have a well-documented fascination, borderline
obsession, with the open road. From sea to shining sea,
America has more miles of paved roads than any other nation
in the world (save China). For men, the lure of the open
road illicits a sort of primal instinct. The power of the
engine and the speed of your vehicle give you a boost of
positive feelings, but can it actually improve your

There’s long been a suspected connection between men,
their cars, and women. But at the end of the day, do women
really care about the type of car a man drives? Believe it
or not, there’s not only a connection there, but there
may also be one between the speed of your ride and your

Speed and Testosterone

Many men feel drawn to vehicles like the Ford Mustang,
Chevy Corvette, and other high-end models such as sporty
Audi, BMW, and Mercedes vehicles. Although these vehicles
may not always fit your lifestyle, there is a draw to the
speed and power of these vehicles This is the first step
in drawing a connection between men, fast cars, and

A post by the UK’s Telegraph cites a 2009 study by
Concordia University in Montreal. The study gave 39 young
men one hour of driving behind the wheel of a $107,000
Porsche, followed by an hour behind the wheel of a
16-year-old Toyota Corolla. After testing saliva following
each hour of driving, all of the men in the study showed
significant increases in testosterone after driving the

The boost in testosterone occurred in two shifts Regardless
of the vehicle, men exhibited higher testosterone levels
while driving around on the open road at higher speeds
While driving the Porsche along city streets, men had the
highest increase in testosterone, which researchers
connected to the potential for young women to see them
behind the wheel. 50, what does testosterone have to do
with any of this?

Testosterone and Attractiveness

So there you are behind the wheel of your muscle car or
high-end sports model, and you’re feeling the rush of a
speeding down the open road. As the Telegraph noted above,
by now you’re body is producing more testosterone. What
does this have to do with your attractiveness to women?
Time magazine has an engaging piece that speaks to the
long-term history of human connections As your body
produces more testosterone, the level of pheromones in your
body increases as a result. Pheromones have been shown to
attract women. Historically speaking, men with higher
levels of testosterone (and as a result, pheromones) were
believed to have more rugged genes to pass along ensuring
the survival of the human race.

Putting it All Together

Speed leads to testosterone, and testosterone leads to
pheromones. On the genetic level, it would appear that
women are more attracted to men who drive fast cars. You
can add to that the fact that the Telegraph cited another
study from the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff
which found that women were more attracted to men in
expensive cars than those in old bangers. In the study,
women between the ages of 21 and 41 picked a man in a
Bentley more often than the man driving an old Ford Fiesta.
The catch? The driver in each car was the same man.

Although speed alone isn’t going to make you more
attractive to women, and of course reckless speed won’t
help, it’s clear that there is a link between your
powerful car, a bit of speed, and a boost in your
attractiveness to women. 50 the next time you’re out with
a new date or your lovely wife, don’t be afraid to give
it a little extra gas as you head up the ramp to merge onto
the freeway. That bit of extra speed might put a little
boost in your love life at the end of the day!

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