These Practical Ways will help you Cut the Cost of the Daily Commute

commuting to work on bike to save money

Whether you work in a big city or small town, the cost of commuting can really eat into your paycheck. If you are tired of putting so much money in the gas tank, there are practical steps you can take to cut the cost of the daily commute. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Explore Public Transportation Options

lf you have not already done so, you should explore public transportation options in your area. Even towns without a comprehensive network of buses and subways often have good coverage to major employment hubs.

If you live in the suburbs but work downtown, taking the bus can save you money in a couple of ways You will save the gas you would have used driving back and forth to work and sitting in traffic jams, but you will also eliminate the cost of parking. Some employers even offer bonuses and other assistance for employees who use public transportation to get to work.

Consider Carpooling

Starting a new carpool or joining an existing one is one of the best ways to cut the cost of the daily commute. If you can round up 3 coworkers to share the driving duties, you can cut your commuting costs by as much as 75%. Even better, the savings accrue to everyone in the pool. You and your coworkers can save a lot of money and put more money in your pockets month after month.

Tune Up Your Car

If you want to save money on the daily commute and your normal errands, keeping your car tuned up can help you do it. If you cannot remember the last time you had your car tuned up, chances are it is overdue for this important service.

Simply replacing a clogged air filter or set of fouled spark plugs could boost your mileage by as much as 20%. That means lower fuel costs going forward and a more affordable daily commute from now on.

Buy a Bike

If you live reasonably close to work, buying a bike could ave you a lot of money. For the price of a couple of tanks of gas, you could own a new way to get to work.

Biking to work is not a practical solution for everyone, but for city dwellers and many suburbanites it is a possibility. Even if you only ride to work in good weather, you could cut your commuting costs by 25% or more.

Ask A both Telecommuting

If you want to cut your commuting costs to zero, telecommuting could be the solution. More and more companies are embracing telecommuting as a win for both employers and employees, so your boss may be more flexable than you think.

Businesses save money when their employees work from home: they can reduce the cost of office space and cut their overhead. Employees obviously save on commuting costs buying less gas and creating less wear and tear on their cars Even if your boss does not agree to full-time telecommuting, you may be able to work from home one or two days a week. That alone will cut your commuting costs by as much as 40%. Trimming the cost of your daily commute is just like getting a raise. If you can trim your commuting costs by just 25%, you can enjoy a healthy boost in your spendable cash – money you can use to ave for retirement, put money aside for the kids’ college education or just treat yourself to a night on the town.

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