5 of the BEST Oil Filters for Cars and High Performance Vehicles

Top Car Oil Filters for your Vehicle

Changing your oil is probably the most important maintenance you can do to your vehicle. Mechanic and OEM Car manufacturers recommend that you change your oil every 3000 – 8000 miles, depending on the vehicle and type of oil you are planning on using (either Conventional or Synthetic oil).

Many folks overlook oil changes and will skip them altogether – We do not recommend skipping oil changes. If for some reason your car, truck or SUV leaks oil or engine slightly burns oils, then you run the risk of seizing your engine completely due to oil shortage.

With technology and accessibility nowadays, there's an Oil Can Henrys and Jiffy Lube (many of which take mobile payments now as well) within miles of your residence. So there's really no reason to not get your oil changed.

But for those who don't want to have a company like Jiffy Lube or Oil Can Henrys change their oil, you can do it at home if you wish.

You'll need some tools to remove oil pan bolt, a oil catch bin, oil and an Oil filter.

Today we'll look at why its necessary to find a good oil filter and some of the differences between them!

Why are Oil Filters so important?

This is a question that is commonly asked by those all around the world. Well, the reason an oil filter is so important is due to all the oil that lubricates your engine flows through a cleaning or filtration system, which is your car's Oil Filter. Your filter helps prolong the viability of your oil, which in turn also helps keep your engine cleaner.

Remember, it's much easier to change your oil than to repair a messed up engine, so stay on top of your scheduled oil changes and filter replacements.

The engine oil filter traps all the dirt and particles that try to go through into your engine. The better the oil filter, the cleaner the oil, which in turn provides a healthier engine.

So whats the difference between oil filters?

Some cars have thicker filters inside that trap more dirt and even possible metal shavings, while others have longer lasting filters to avoid constant replacements.

The oil filter you can use in your car is dependent on the type of oil your vehicle uses.

Some filters are built for synthetic oils and others conventional. If you are not sure what kind of oil your vehicle takes, your owners manual will provide those specifications.

There are some oil filters that are actually harmful for your engine because they tend to leak or have weak cartridges that don't catch all the dirt flowing within the oil. Some filters also don't have a “dry-start” filter that prevents your engine starting without oil. This is especially dangerous for your engine if it happens, as it could potentially cause internal engine damage.

To find out which oil filter is best for YOUR CAR, follow the charts below to see our top 5 oil filters. These filters are rated 4.5/5 or 5/5 stars among hundreds of reviews and users, and often used by car-care professionals.

We made sure each filter is affordable and can be used by MOST cars. To see which filter is specific for your car, follow the provided links and the specifications for a perfect fit!

The 5 Best Oil Filters For Your Car

RankOil FiltersPicturesRating / Best Price

Oil filter cut

1. Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

The Mobil 1 Extended Performance is a highly recommended filter because of its dense integrity design. This specific oil filter is usually used in cars that take synthetic oil, but you can use it with regular oil as well. It's versatile, reasonably priced considering the benefits, and it'll help keep your engine cleaner.

Mobil 1 Filter

The reason this Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance is number one on this list is because it's rated to last a long time, and has excellent ratings wherever you look.

Mobil 1 isn't just for your everyday vehicle, but also for your high end weekend cars that require special care. This oil filter is reasonably priced next to other high end filters, so you're getting a taste of the luxury side of things without having to break the bank.

2. Royal Purple 10-2835 Extended Life Oil Filter

This near-perfect filter is extremely reliable for long term use and synthetic blends. The Royal Purple 10-2835 Extended Life  has a strong gauge steel for long lasting strength.

The Royal Purple has a very durable screen that captures all the dirt that travels through the oil. This provides the healthiest oil for your engine.

Royal Purple Filter

Royal Purple is very popular for their synthetic oil that can go right along with this filter! The 10-2835 Extended Life filter is used by many consumers that have high end cars that require specific oil and filters, but it's not JUST for fancy cars, every car deserves a solid filter to help extend the life of the engine.

Just because it's rated to last longer, doesn't mean you should wait longer in between changes tho.

3. Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH

The Bosch 3330 Premium Filtech oil filter is very unique because of its no-leak cartridge that is made from a strong steel base. The Bosch Premium oil filter is also rated at least 4.5/5 in consumer ratings.

The Bosch 3330 can be used for any type of oil and for any type of car. The specific fit for your vehicle will be needed for the purchase of the filter, but that is specified during the purchase, so you can ensure you're getting exactly what you need and exactly what's going to fit.

Bosch Fitler

The Bosch 3330 not only provides clean oil for your engine, but also keeps it lubricated so dry starts are avoided. Some oil filters today do not provide a lubricated option for your engine which in term can cause internal engine damage like we mentioned above.

4. Fram PH373 Passenger Car Oil Filter

The Fram PH373 oil filter is very popular for people looking for an easy to install and cheaper yet durable oil filter. The Fram PH373 oil filter is cheaper than most of its competitors, but can be used for all oil types. It is recommended to be used with conventional oil as it will filter through this oil the best.

Fram Filter


Fram has a built in multi-form fiber that provides the purest oil possible in this prince range going back into your engine. Fram is also very easy to install as it has a special grip coated frame so during install there wont be any hassle in case of oil spillage. Fram is also rated Americas #1 favorite oil filter, for what it's worth, but not necessarily this model in particular.

5. K&N HP-1011 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter

The K&N HP-1001 Performance oil filter is a very high quality product that is usually an OEM replacement. The HP-1011 is not only used for vehicles, but also for motorcycles and ATVs!

This filter has an anti-drainback valve which prevents dry starts, and the filter inside has a very high rate of catching all dirt and grime going through the engine.

K&N Filter

The K&N HP-1011 filter is rated 5/5 stars and has 30 day warranty; and it is so recommended for synthetic based engines that dealerships offer this product.

The reason this product is number 5 is because it's a little on the pricy side, but still a very high quality product and worth the investment if you want to take great care of your engine.

How about the Other brands?

You may ask the question if there are more oil filters out there that you can use. Yes! There are! These are NOT the only 5 filters that can be used, these are specifically some of the best!


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